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Land­scap­ing your out­doors is as impor­tant as dec­o­rat­ing your indoors. Now, this may be a task you assign to a pro­fes­sional land­scaper or it may be a chal­lenge you decided to take on your­self. Regard­less of what you ulti­mately decide on, once com­pleted, there is noth­ing more reward­ing that to sit back and admire the gar­den designed just for you. You may finally get that nice, shady read­ing cor­ner you promised your­self many sum­mers ago, or actu­ally have the courage to install a veg­etable and herb gar­den that you intend plant­ing and har­vest­ing your­self. Spend­ing time in your gar­den, and shar­ing it with friends and loved ones, never gets old.

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  • Bush Roses – Easy To Have Around!
    There are sev­eral spec­tac­u­lar bush roses read­ily avail­able to us in our local nurs­eries, some are well know to the avid gar­dener, while oth­ers, to my amaze­ment, still remain unfa­mil­iar. Ne (more...)
  • No two hillsides are the same!
    No two hill­sides are the same! Many cus­tomers come into the nurs­ery inquir­ing about plants that would be suit­able for a hill­side. Although this is a direct ques­tion, it is not always pos­si­ (more...)
  • When Irish Eyes are Smiling
    Charles the Gardner-It’s time to acknowl­edge a job well done. Charles is the “old-time” gar­dener every­one would like to have tend­ing their gar­den. He is a trea­sure of the past, know­ing w (more...)
  • Baby, It’s Warm Outside!
    We are all con­cerned about our water­ing habits this time of year, and so we should be (and real­iz­ing that sum­mer is just around the cor­ner with even higher water demands can cause us to worry be (more...)

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